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{ Into The Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick }

November 10, 2012 by Darkside Publishing
Format: Ebook
Source: from Author for review

From Goodreads:

Fans of the TV series ‘Heroes, the film ‘Push’, and the book ‘The Hunger Games’ will enjoy Into the Shadows, a modern and paranormal thriller. This is the first book in the Into the Shadows Trilogy.

Paivi Anderson has it all - friends, a spot on the varsity basketball team, wonderful parents, and quite possibly, her first boyfriend. It was everything a freshman in high school could ask for. Her perfect life begins to crumble when she discovers her name on a list distributed by a power-hungry presidential candidate. How could anyone think of Paivi as an Enemy of the State? Could it be because of her special powers? No one was supposed to know about them, but the mysterious messages in her tater tots say otherwise. In INTO THE SHADOWS, Paivi quickly learns who her friends are and is forced into a reality she didn’t see coming.

My Review:

When I was approached by author, Karly Kirkpatrick to read and review Into The Shadows, I knew right away that I had to give it a read. I was a HUGH Heroes fan and thought we need a book like that in the YA world. I will admit though, that I found myself a bit disappointed in the beginning. I found this book to be quite slow and sluggish to get into the nitty gritty of the story. Sadly, it took a good chunk of the book before that happened. Also, at times I found that the writing and dialog was more middle grade than YA...but perhaps that was just me.

The characters were more of the same for me. Some I was easily connected to and others not so much. I am not even really sure what it was. Perhaps it was more of a believability issue for me. Like Paivi's parents. They were loving parents yes, but at times it just seemed that they were like these weird 'pod' parents or something. And they talked down to their kids quite a bit. Actually now that I think about it, it was more of the author talking down to the reader. Yes, having life lessons embedded into the story is great, but talking to your readers like they are your 7 or 8 year old children? Doesn't work. Also, some of the dialog between some of these characters just was not believeable. This is not how teenagers talk to eachother.

So did I enjoy it at all? Yes. The last 4 or 5 chapters were awesome! And on a whole, the story really is original and exciting. I was excited to see how this book would end and really do want to continue this series and see where these characters and this society go from here. I truly hope that author, Karly Kirkpatrick can continue on this road for the remainder of this series. I feel it could end up to be a truly great one!

In the end, I do recommend it, just be prepared for a slow read up until the last quarter.

3 Stars

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