Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{ Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder }

Soul Identity by Dennis Batchelder

April 11, 2009 by Smashwords Inc

Source: Free ebook from Kobobooks.com

Format: ebook

From Goodreads:

What if you could bank your money for your next life? Smart-aleck and computer security expert Scott Waverly is skeptical of his new clients claim that they have been tracking souls for almost twenty-six hundred years. Is it a freaky cult, or a sophisticated con job? As Scott saves Soul Identity from an insider attack, he discovers the importance of the bridges connecting peoples lives.

My review:

After I first purchased my ereader, I decided to see what kind of free books were out there. I found this one at the kobo bookstore and thought it sounded like a good one. There really is not much to say about this one. While the story line was something different, the execution fell short. I felt there should have been some major editing done to this book. I am not a writer, publisher or editor, but I am a reader and this one just felt very choppy. The beginning of the book had a good flow and I did feel connected with the main character Scott Waverly, but then after a few chapters it just gradually fell apart. I found most of the action scenes were rushed and it was over before it really began. The romance between the main character Scott and Val was very forced and I felt it was just there for a token romance.

In the end, it was not a terrible read, just not all that great either. If you are looking for something light to pass the time, perhaps give this one a read.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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