Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{ White by Ted Dekker }

White by Ted Dekker
2004 by WestBow Press

from GoodReads:

One of the highlights of the year in religious fiction has been Ted Dekker's striking color-coded spiritual trilogy. Exciting, well written, and resonant with meaning, Black, Red and now White have won over both critics and genre readers. In the conclusion of the series, plot surprises abound as Thomas Hunter frantically struggles to save two worlds from the ravages of war and virus. An epic journey completed with grace.


First of all...Wow! I would not have thought it possible, but Ted Dekker has managed to make, White even more amazing than Black or Red. What an amazing journey. What an amazing story. I am always in awe of an author that can create a story, a world of such magnitude as this. But to create two?! This third installment was everything that the first two were...and more. The action, the adventure, the love story enveloping these two worlds? I am truly left speechless.

Ted Dekker is a master at creating a world of true good vs. evil. As a reader you are drawn into these two worlds and totally enveloped by the light and the dark. Many times after closing the cover, I found myself unsure if I was still within the story myself. Truly intoxicating.

Yes. This is an action packed thrill ride. Yes. This is a story for those who truly believe in God and his everlasting love. No. I am not a religious person...never have been. Yes. I believe that there is something in this book/series for everyone, whether you believe or not. One thing is for certain. I will look at my dreams in a whole new light!

rating: 5 Stars!!

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  1. This is honestly the first time I'm ever hearing about this series. It sure sounds intense! I just love the kind of action that you describe in this review in books that I read. Just non-stop, edge of your seat action. Fun!