Sunday, April 17, 2011

{ Sunday Confessions - April 17, 2011 }

Sunday Confessions is a weekly book meme hosted by Marcie over at 2 read or not 2 read. It's a way for book bloggers to share a bit about themselves. Sometimes it's about books, sometimes not. Anyone can join in. This weeks question is:

"Have you ever been to a book signing?"

Nope. I have never had the chance. From all that I have seen in the book blogging world, they look like a lot of fun though. I have started to keep my eye out for some of my favorite authors, but no one has been even remotely close to me here in Calgary. Most of the authors tend to travel to Toronto or Vancouver and it is just too far to travel. Who knows though...maybe one day. I would definitely travel and stand in line to meet and get signed copies from Cassandra Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, J K Rowling(like that would EVER happen, but I can dream!) and Susan Collins...just to name a few. Although, I am sure I would act like an idiot and not know what to say, just hand them my book and stare, like some kind of weird stalker.

Have you ever been to a signing? Leave me a comment and let me know and be sure to stop by and say hi to Marcie too!


  1. I'm sure they're used to weird stalker readers. LOL I think we quite a few of us would fit into that category. LOL I would have to travel quite a distance to attend a signing too. They're isn't a whole lot near me. Thanks for participating in Sunday Confessions.

  2. I'm another one that doesn't really live somewhere all that busy, but I am far, far away from you in Scotland.

    Jules x