Monday, May 16, 2011

{ Stylish Blogger Award }

I was so very surprised today to receive this award from Darby - author of the soon to be released Griffin Rising. And now I would like to pass this along to these 7 book bloggers - who I stalk regularly!

* Michelle @ Hooked to Books

* Kristin @ My Bookish Ways

* Sonia @ The Story Queen - a new find - and she's here in Alberta too!

* Pixie/Stacey/MammaFox/Lauralee/Sopie @ Page Turners

And as requested? Here are seven things you might like to know about ME!

* I am a mother of 2 girls, 1 dog(evil Rudy - as we like to call him), 1 cat (Jasper) and 1 hubby ;0)

* I hated reading as a kid and did not read for enjoyment until my early 20s and even then it did not last long. I only really started enjoying reading within the past few years. And now? I devour books!! Better late than never, I guess.

* I am a tea-holic! Iced or hot. A day does not go by without at least 1 glass/cup...usually many more than that.

* I am a HUGH Disney fan! Most of my favorite movies of all time are Disney Animations. And I love both Disneyland and DisneyWorld!

* I was married in Maui, on the beach. Just myself, hubby, minister and his photographer/videographer. It was awesome!

* I am a big crafter - although, reading is starting to takeover! I do mostly papercrafting, but NOT really into scrapbooking. I have been a crocheter since I was about 5 and am enjoying teaching my girls. Although, their attention span for it goes in spurts. ;0)

* Hubby and I would love to sell the house and go RVing when we are old and retired!

Okay ladies. Your turn to tell us about yourselves!


  1. Thank you, this is the first blog award that I have received :)

    Yay, I'm off to have a think about what seven interesting facts I could use :)

    Thanks again,

  2. Wow, I would never have known that you weren't a reader until recently. Your passion for books really shines!

  3. Oh, thank you! I've never won a blogger award before.

    I'm actually not in Alberta :) I live in Ontario... but close enough, right?